2 Days ONLINE match-making by Unhide-the-Champions

05 October 2020

The ‘Unhide The Champions X Energy & Environmental Technologies’ webinar will be held 24th & 25th of November 2020. Young high-tech enterprises and startups will pitch their product and solution on this platform. Reinout Oussoren, the CEO will present Skypull as an innovative start-up company in the energy generation sector to the high-tech participants attending this business partnering event from all over Europe. Skypull is eager to bring added value via networking particularly among renewable energy and environmental technology partners. For more details regarding this event click here.

Skypull accomplished its first financing round

25 February 2020


Shibumi  International, a Dubai-based venture capital firm investing and supporting early-stage startups in the built environment demonstrating disruptive innovation and related growth potential for traditional markets. Shibumi International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gulermak, a large industrial company focused on heavy civil works and steel fabrication. 

 We’re excited about Shibumi’s investment allowing Skypull to accelerate the development of its core Drone or UAV technology (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to bring to market a technical demonstrator by June 2020, to showcase characteristics and system performance. “The investment solidifies the belief in the advantages of our patented Airborne Wind Energy system architecture, as well as the strength and capability of our diverse executive management team,” affirms Reinout Oussoren, CEO of Skypull.

 Shibumi closely evaluated the emerging Airborne Wind Energy players and technologies and believes that Skypull’s system and approach are among the best suited when compared to more mature companies and related designs. Shibumi will work closely with Skypull on corporate development and obtaining future financing rounds on its trajectory to a commercial product launch targeted for 2022.

 Skypull is recruiting engineering talent both in Switzerland and abroad and is in the final stage of selecting larger office and assembly space to accommodate its growing team and activities. The recent addition to its executive team has added a significant validation that its technology can be a game-changer and economically viable in both on- and off-grid applications supporting the global transition to low cost sustainable renewable energy.


Skypull has landed the new CEO from Wind Industry

06 February 2020


Skypull proudly announces that Reinout Oussoren has joined as Chief Executive Officer. Reinout brings over 25 years of commercial and operational leadership experience from a variety of international operations, most recently and ongoing as CEO of Northern Power Systems (NPS), a leading provider of small and medium wind turbines for distributed power generation. This key hire from the wind industry further validates the potential that exists within the airborne wind energy sector to capture a share of the continuous growing renewable energy market globally. Oussoren will replace Nicola Mona, Co-Founder at Skypull, who will continue in the role of Chief Compliance Officer and Chairman of the Board.


“It has been a privilege to lead Skypull from its inception. Over the past three years, we’ve developed Skypull from a potentially crazy idea into a concept with crazy potential. We are proud that the efforts of the past several years have resulted in the wind energy industry no longer looking at our market segment as a far-flung future technology but rather something that can disrupt the entire market. It’s an honor to pass on the leadership to Reinout. He has the experience and drives to get Skypull to the next level. I am eager to support the team both strategically as well as ensuring regulatory compliance”, affirms Nicola.


“Skypull is among the most exciting companies that I have seen in the renewable energy space. They have the potential to become a big player in this segment of the renewable industry. Its products will suit both on- and off-grid applications competing with conventional renewable and traditional forms of power generation. I am extremely excited to see what we will accomplish in the coming months, hope to be able to announce an equity investment in the coming weeks, allowing us to further expand our team and accelerate technology and product development”, affirms Reinout.

AWEC 2019

15-16 October 2019

Glasgow - UK

Skypull has attended the 8th International Airborne Wind Energy Conference, held on 15-16 October 2019 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.
Within the conference, Prof. Lorenzo Fagiano (Polytechnic of Milan) has presented its paper "Control of vertical take-off, pumping operation, and vertical landing of hybrid drones for airborne wind energy systems" by Davide Todeschini, Lorenzo Fagiano, Claudio Micheli, and Aldo Cattano, which illustrates some specific innovative features of the Skypull's technology.

Academic cooperation

November 2019

Skypull and HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil have started a collaboration aimed at improving and optimizing the aerodynamics of the wing surfaces and the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the Skypull's drone.