Reinout Oussoren

Chief Executive Officer

Reinout brings a proven entrepreneurial spirit combined with more than 25 years of commercial and operational executive leadership roles in the power generation and wind energy industry, solidified by a mechanical engineering degree.

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Marcello Corongiu

Chief Operating Officer


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Marcello attained a Master's degree in Political Sciences from University of Turin, Post graduate in International Trade. He has been the manager of Transnational Altitude Wind Energy development projects since 2008.

Gioele Zgraggen

Project Engineer and Pilot

Gioele earned a Master of Science in Space Engineering from Polytechnic University of Milan. He is passionate about design, construction and fluid mechanics of drones.

Andrea Pedrioli

Aerodynamic & Simulation Engineer

Andrea earned a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich, specialized in CFD simulations. He is passionate about aircrafts and renewable energies.

Nicolò Bastianelli


Control Engineer

Nicolò earned a Master's degree in Robotic Engineering from University of Genoa and extended experience in control learning algorithms for autonomous flying machines.

Studied Business Management at Arizona University, Pietro is specialized in structural composites construction. He is experienced in Race industry.  

Pietro Verardo

Composites Specialist

Danny Schneider


Danny is a technical and UAV construction expert and is passionate about Aero models. He is in charge of realizing and repairing our drones.

Nicola Mona

Chief Compliance Officer


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Nicola attained a Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from ETHZ (MIT, EPFL) and Executive MBA from Saïd Business School (Oxford). He has 16 years of experience in aerospace and technology,

Aldo Cattano

Chief Research & Dev. Officer


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Aldo attained a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Polytechnic University of Turin specialized in aeronautical composite structures. He has 23 years of experience in wind turbine design and 3 international patents filed.

Alessio Mosca, Ph.D.

Electrical & Control Engineer

Alessio received a Ph.D. in Automation, Control & Optimization from University of Pavia. He is passionate about optimization and renewable energies.

Ricardo Marques

System Engineer

Ricardo achieved a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. An open-source enthusiast, he is also passionate about robotics, especially flying systems, with extensive experience in the field.

Oscar Toledo



Oscar is pursuing a Master's degree in Aerodynamics & Wind Energy at Delft University of Technology. He is Passionate about everything that flies. He loves traveling & cooking specially Italian cuisine.

Andrea Polastri

Electronic Engineer

Andrea earned a Master's degree in Automation & Control from Polytechnic University of Milan. He is passionate about robotics, power electronics and control strategy.

Shadi Shamsehkohan

Business Development & Com

Shadi earned two Master’s degrees in Communication, Management, & Health from USI and E-Commerce from University of Sistan. She is passionate about corporate social responsibility.